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Database Maintenance

You will need to perform occasional maintenance on the Tascus database to ensure optimal performance, use SQL Server Management Studio to do this, and complete these checks and tasks.

Check the overall database size

Use the following query to get the overall size of the database:


You can also use Reports > Standard Reports > Disk Usage


As a guide, a Tascus database in high-volume production use has an overall size of 11GB after 4 years.


Check the size of all tables

Use the following report to get the size of each table, to understand how the space is being used, and if that use is appropriate.


The same example database has the following table usage:


In this database, the largest amount of space is taken up by the StepList_Draft (95,575 rows) and StepList_Released (12,675 rows) tables - these are the tables where the steps for each sequence are saved (1 row = 1 step in a production sequence).

Both of those tables also have large indexes - which are designed to improve query speed when loading steps in a sequence.


Create the following indexes on the database to improve query performance.


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