Tascus projects give a way of organising folder locations that production sequences use.

When you create a project, you can define the location of all media files that will be used in Work Instructions, you can also define the location of any production reports that will be created when a production sequence runs.

File organisation when using Projects.

If you don’t use Projects, all Media files will be located under the main Media Directory specified under Settings > Customisation

File Hierarchy when not using Projects


Creating Projects

You can create a new project from the Sequence Editor menu > Edit Projects

This will open up a window where you can create a project name, then specify the media directory and the results directory for that Project.


Setting the Project for a Sequence

When you are editing a sequence, the Project name is shown just below the Sequence Name in the top right of the sequence editor window.

When you want to set the Project for a sequence file, click on the Change Project button. This will open up the Sequence Name Editor window.

Scroll down to find the Sequence Name you want to change and set the Project for that sequence. When you have finished, the sequence will reload and the Project name will be shown in the top right.

Now, when you browse for an image in Display Work Instruction, it will start in the Project Media Directory. All relative paths for images in the sequence will begin with the Project Media Directory.

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