Image Editing

There are 3 options for image editing in Tascus:

Classic Image Editor

  1. This is the best option for quick simple markup of a single image (e.g. adding text labels, highlighting areas of the image.


    The classic image editor will allow you to upload multiple images, and nest them next to each other, BUT it won't enable you to crop, reposition or adjust images once placed. For tasks like this, it's best to use an external image editor.

2. Pixie Editor

Not currently supported - new toolkit in development

The Pixie image editor launches in a web browser window and offers more functions than the basic image editor.

3. Image editing externally using an image editor (e.g. Powerpoint)

If you've got a lot of image editing to do, particularly involving making composite images, it's currently best to do that in an external program, generate a series of images, and import those into Tascus.

This is our workflow for using PowerPoint:

Create your work instruction images, one per slide in a document.


Once you are happy with the work instructions, you can export all slides in one go to multiple jpg's or png's. Use Export > Change File Type > Image File Types

You can then copy the exported images into the Tascus media directory to be used in work instructions.


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