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Importing Steps to a Sequence

If you have existing work instructions, it is possible to import these into Tascus to quickly get started with production sequences.

Open or Create a Sequence

You must open an existing sequence, or create a new sequence before importing steps.

Select File > New

This will open the New sequence revision window, where you'll need to specify a sequence name & revision for the sequence.


This will leave you with an empty sequence to which you can import steps.

Import from PowerPoint

Tascus will copy slide images and text from PowerPoint and create a Display Work Instruction step for each PowerPoint slide. This gives you a quick way to generate production sequences using existing work instructions.

How-to video:


Import from CSV File

Tascus will copy information from a CSV file and convert those to Tascus steps. The following step types are supported for CSV import:

  • Capture Image

  • Display Work Instruction

  • Loop

  • QA Approval

  • Record Text

  • Manual Measure

  • Pass-Fail Test

  • Scan Part 

Step Type

Description 1 (will show in report)

Message to operator

Target Time

Media Paths

Step Parameters

Capture Image


Relative path to reference image

Image Name

Display Work Instruction

Fit Collar

Relative path to the image / video


Source='Media\Assembly\Bend Leads.png';



Loop Name


Type=Start OR End;



0= count

1= time

2= continue press



QA Approval



Pass Fail Test

Record Text

Scan Part

Manual Measure

Bore Diameter

Low = ; High = ;Units= ;

You can download a csv import template here.

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