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Export Steps from a Sequence

Tascus gives you several ways of exporting sequences from the Sequence Editor. You can use this feature to make it easier to perform an offline review of a sequence, or to share sequences with colleagues.

All exporting of Tascus sequences is started by opening a sequence in the Sequence Editor, then clicking on the File > Export menu.

Export to CSV

This exports a CSV file of a sequence that can be viewed in Excel. It includes a summary of all steps in a sequence but does not include any images used in work instructions.

Export to Tascus XML

This enables you to export a sequence of steps that can be imported into another Tascus database, or into another sequence.


Export to Html

This generates a printable version of the work instructions in a sequence. Each work instruction in the sequence is exported to an Html file.

Step 1 – Open a Sequence and Export to Html

Step 2 – Select the Folder to export the Sequence To

You must select a folder, then click the Current Folder button.

This will then export each Work Instruction step of the sequence to an Html file.

You can then view each Html file in a web browser.


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