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Getting Started Checklist

Tascus is a paperless manufacturing execution system (MES) designed to add quality control, traceability and product customisation into discrete manufacturing processes.

Setting Up Tascus

Before you can start using or creating production sequences, you need to configure the following:

  • Setup SQL Database

  • Install Tascus onto Workstations PC’s and Editor PC’s

  • Create User Logins & Permissions.

  • Configure any Interface Devices (Barcode Scanners, Data Acquisition Devices, Machine Interfaces etc.)

  • Configure file locations for work instruction media.

  • Configure file locations for Tascus reports and saved production images.

Creating Part Numbers & Production Sequences

Once Tascus has been configured, you can begin to create production sequences for production products.

System Testing

Once production sequences have been created, you can then begin running production sequences and testing how they work.

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