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Editing System Settings

Editing Station Settings is done in the Settings Editor, access this from the drop-down menu.

In this window, you can customize:

  • Start Options

  • Station Name

Set the Station Name in the first tab, this used on the Tascus Station Start screen, and is also logged in the results database.


Start Options

The Start Options tab enables you to configure whether a drop-down parts list or a barcode scan is used to start production sequences.

Barcode Scan Options:

Part Number + Serial is selected, the operator will select the Part Number from a drop-down list, and manually type in a serial number.

Barcode Scan – when this is selected the operator will scan a barcode. You need to specify what the Barcode Separator is, and which field to look for the Part Number and serial number (Indexes begin at zero).


A barcode is formatted with colon’s like this:


Separator = :

Part Number = 6600-C124      (Index 0)

Serial Number = A123H24      (Index 2)


User Database

Tascus stores the list of users for the system in its database, you can access and edit this list in the Settings screen.

You can add, edit and delete users here. Select a user in the list and press edit, or Add a user.

Username – This is the user’s username

Password – This is each user’s password

Authority – User or Admin

A User can only start and run sequences

Admin can start, run, create and edit sequences and application settings

Position – This is used when generating reports.


Data Storage

This defines where the Tascus database is stored and should not be changed after initial setup.


Inputs & Outputs

Inputs and Outputs are used when Tascus is used with a data acquisition device, or PLC to control button presses and automated step functions.

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