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Getting Started Timeline



Setup SQL Database

  • IT – needed to run SQL script on database server

  • Metis will help run script and configure options

Install Tascus Client

  • IT – needed to give permissions to run installer on laptop / PC / tablet

  • Metis – provide installer and configure database connection

Training Session #1

  • Create a production sequence with work instructions, data collection and quality control

  • Configure a list of high level production operations

  • Add a product

  • Link production sequences to operations for the product

  • Apply conditions where needed

  • Run production sequences for the new product

  • Configure Tascus to start by works order, part number, batch etc….

  • View main reports – Product, Timing, Production Status

Training Session #2

  • Review the production sequences created and results stored for trial runs

  • Discuss feedback on how it’s working

  • Explore all production step types – including review of machine connectors

  • Setup Users

  • Configure User Permissions

  • Licensing

  • File locations for work instruction media

  • Results directories

  • Projects

  • Configure interface devices

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