Load Orders

You can load and manage work / production / manufacturing orders into Tascus using the Load Orders button on the main dashboard.


This opens up the order management window, where you can import orders, adjust properties and set as Released or Unreleased to production.


View Filters

All of the drop down options at the top of the screen will apply filters to which Orders are viewable in the list.

Functional Buttons

At the bottom of the screen are all the functional buttons for adding, editing and deleting orders.

Adding an Order

Click on the + button to add a single order to the system.

As a minimum, you will need to enter the Order Number, Part Number & Quantity.

If you leave the Serial / Batch number blank, Tascus can assign a sequential serial number (See Settings > Serial Number Creation)


Importing Orders

You can also import multiple orders from a .csv file. Click on the Template button to download a template .csv file for populating, then uploading.

Assign Orders to an Operator / User

Select one or multiple orders from the list, then click on the person icon on the bottom functions bar.

This will open up a window where you are asked to assign the orders to one or more operators.


By assigning orders to specific users, you will change which orders are displayed when they select Run Production Sequence on the home screen:

  • They will only see the orders which have been assigned to them

  • Those orders will be hidden from all other users

Assign Orders to a Planning Location

If you would prefer to assign orders to a location or work centre, rather than to specific users, use the Planning Location function.

You configure all of the Planning Locations within the Load Works Orders screen, separate multiple planning locations using a semi-colon ;


Double-click on an order to open it's editor window, a Planning Location can be added


To ensure that these orders are only shown in these planning locations, you will then need to update the station settings on each device within the Planning Location


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