You can define the manufacturing operations that Tascus uses in the Station Editor > Operations tab.


Once operations have been linked to a part number (in the Parts Lookup screen) Operations are shown to an operator as arrows once they have selected which product to run:

Sub (Nested) Operations

Some Tascus users import their operations from an ERP system - which can be defined as high-level work centres. If these do not provide enough detail for tracking orders, you can add nested operations.

The example below shows how to use the Ref field of Operations to add nested operations.


Formats for adding nested operations.

Use the Ref of the parent operation, then append numbers or letters afterwards.

E.g. operation from ERP system = ACT#05

Nested operations = ACT#05.100, ACT#05.200, ACT#05.300 .... ACT#05.A, ACT#05.B, ACT#05.C

These will nested operations will override the parent operation from the ERP System.

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