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Windows Server Installation

The Tascus server installation will need to be used for:

  • Hosting SQL Server Database

  • Hosting Media files for digital work instructions (images, videos & pdfs)

  • Storage of media files created from the production process (images, videos & pdfs)

Server Recommendation

Example recommended server:

  • Dell Poweredge T640

  • Xeon Silver 4114 / Gold Processor

  • 32 GB RAM

  • 1TB Hard Disc Storage

Database Requirements

Tascus requires a Microsoft SQL Server database to store all production data, this can be held on a local server, or in a cloud database.

Supported versions of SQL Server:

  • SQL Server 2012 / 2014 / 2016 / 2017 / 2019

  • Azure SQL Server

Editions – our clients use Standard edition, as Tascus is classified as a non-critical workload with minimal IT resources.

Typical database annual size:




1-10 operators / machines

5 days / week

50 operators / machines

5 days / week

100+ operators / machines

24/7 operation

300 MB

3 GB

10 GB



Database Installation

Database name

We use the following naming format Tascus_CompanyName

E.g. Tascus_Acme

Table Creation

We will provide a SQL script to create the Tascus database, and to populate it with initial required values.


Tascus needs to have Admin access to the Tascus SQL database – so that we can run automatic update scripts to add or update tables. Tascus supports two methods of authentication:

(1)   SQL Server Named User

Request a username & password from support.

(2)   Windows Authentication

Using the currently logged in Windows user. Some Tascus customers do this with individual operator user accounts, others with a single username log on for a production area.


Database Network Access

The Tascus client application will access the database across the network using the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server (MSOLEDBSQL)

The SQL Server database will need to have network access enabled using Port 1433


Enable Named Pipes & TCP / IP in SQL Server Configuration Manager

Also need to enable ‘SQL Server Browser’ as a startup service, this enables remote connections to access the database.

Add Windows Firewall Exceptions for:

                                                Type                            Port

SQL Server Browser                UDP                             1434

SQL Server                               TCP                              1433


Server Application

There is a Tascus server application for ERP imports, sending emails, more details here.

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