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Task Setup

Use the PM Task Editor to add or edit PM tasks for each workstation.


When it opens, it will show a list of the Assets & Workstations that have been configured within Tascus under Settings > Sites & Locations


Either click the + button at the top to adda new tasks, or double click on an existing task to edit.

Tip: You'll need to login with your Tascus login credentials.

A window will open where you can create or edit a task.


Task Description - give the task a recognisable name

Asset - select the asset or workstation ID from the list (this is populated from Tascus > Sites & Location)

Maintenance Type - this can be:

  • Maintenance

  • Calibration

  • Inspection

  • Manual

Different tasks types are not handled differently by the system, but they are displayed with the task type name.

Trigger - Use Elapsed Time

Other modes are for use with connected sensors

Due Date & Time Interval - specify the date when the task is next due, then specify an interval in weeks & days when the task should recur after the initial task is due.

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