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Works Orders and Serial Number Creation

1 x Work Order > Multiple Units

When loading a works order with a quantity greater than 1, Tascus can be configured to generate a different serial number for every item in the works order.


The works order is used to generate a serial number at the first operation in the sequence, a label is created with the part number & serial number embedded in a barcode, then the barcode is used to initiate the sequence for the subsequent operations.

In the example above, this is configured as:


Start Option

Actions in Sequence


Works Order

Generate label with Part & Serial Number in a barcode


Barcode Scan


Barcode Scan


Barcode Scan


Barcode Scan

In the example below, I've loaded Works Order A57110 with a quantity of 3, this can be used to launch 3 items, and generate a serial number for each.


Global Settings

Start Options > Works Order settings must be configured with Multiple Order Quantity Option set to Split order into multiple serial numbers.


This will ensure that each item in the order has a serial number created.

Serial Number Creation

In Settings > Serial Number Creation, ensure Create Serial Number if Blank is checked, and assign the serial number at Sequence Start.


Select your preferred option for the serial number format.

Configure the Station Operation

For this to work correctly, the production station needs to know that it is the first operation in the sequence, and so should be the one to generate a serial number.

In Settings > Station, configure the Station Operation to the first operation of the routing.


Starting a Works Order

Once this is done, the Run Production Sequence window should show the quantity remaining in the order, and will generate a new serial number each time.


Orders that are assigning multiple serial numbers should not have a Serial Number displayed within the Load Works Orders screen, if they do, click on the order and delete the serial number


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