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Production Station Setup

Station Operation

Once you have defined a list of Production Operationsyou can limit production stations to only be able to run production sequences for that operation.

This is done in the ‘Station Operation’ drop-down menu of Settings.

If this is set to ‘None’ when an operator enters the parts details, they will be presented with all operations defined, so can run any production operation (subject to run conditions).

If this is set to one of the defined Operations, only that production operation will be permitted to run on that PC.

Station Name

The Station Name is added to the production data reports – so that you can see where each production operation has been performed. Some clients use factory area codes that have been defined in their ERP or MRP software as part of the Station Name e.g. ‘615 Sub Assembly’.

Start Options

Start options can be defined for each Tascus station, this selects whether a drop-down menu or a barcode scan is used to start production sequences.

Part Number & Serial:

This will present the operator with a drop-down menu for Part and Serial number when starting a production sequence.

Barcode Scan:

This will prompt the operator to scan a barcode which contains a part number and serial number. To do this, you need to define to Tascus how to extract the part number and serial number. Use the ‘Separator’ and index positions on the settings page to define this.

Works Order:

This will prompt the operator to scan or enter a works order. Tascus will then use a lookup table to find a unique works order that relates to a Part Number and Serial. This data must be uploaded to Tascus from a CSV file using the Load Serials button LINK on the Dashboard.

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