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The Upload Document step allows you to import data into the Tascus database from external file sources including .csv spreadsheets.

It is a general-purpose step that can be configured within the sequence editor to upload data from specific document templates.

The data import works by importing data from specific cell locations within a .csv file, so the data file imported must match the format of a template document used when configuring the step.

2023-03-31_11-14-55.pngProduction running view when importing data from a .csv spreadsheet. The table shows all of the results that will be imported, the Pass Fail indicator top right shows if all the results have Passed within the import.

*Important Note - the Pass - Fail status of the data imported relies on Pass or Fail written in the _StepStatus field.

If numeric data is imported with limits, Tascus does not evaluate the result against it's limits, it just uses the StepStatus field.

Training Video

You can watch a training video of configuring the csv import from here.

Configuring a Data Import

Add an Upload Document Step to a sequence, giving it a unique description. Once added, you can click on the Edit button to configure the import.

Finding the File to Import

Leave the Document Type as csv (only csv is currently supported), then specify the folder in which Tascus should search to find the file.

Tascus will search using the Part Number and Serial Number of the current production run.

Use the short codes [Part_No] and [Serial_No] so that Tascus will find the file.

Example - if the file are named similar to the screenshot below


Where Part Number = G090L, Serial Number = 0021103 Date = 20230330


Use the Filename lookup [Part_No]-[Serial_No], then Tascus will replace those fields with the production items values to search for G090L-0021103, any files that contain that in the search directory will be used for the import.


If multiple files are found, Tascus will sort them alphabetically, and if they contain a date & time, will use the most recent file.

Data Import

Start by Loading a csv Template file, that will display the data to be imported within the Template tab.

You can then click on the cells in the Template table, and assign them as cells to search in when importing the document.


Description - this is a free text field, use this to create a memorable description of this

Step Name - this will be the name which the result is recorded against,

Once you have selected all the cells for one result to be imported, click on the Add button, this will add the result


When you have added one or several Items to Import, try clicking on the Preview button, this will try importing data from the current template file, so you can see if the data is imported correctly.


Trial Runs of the Sequence

When you run Trial sequence, as there will be no Part Number or Serial Number specified, Tascus will allow you to use a file browser to select a file to be imported.

This is different to when run in production mode, if no file is found with the Part Number and Serial Number, the step will automatically Fail and show this window:



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