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Production Overview

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This report shows all items that are Planned, Work in Progress and Complete for a time period.

Reports > Production Area Overview


You can configure different views of this report by clicking on the Expand (down) arrow top left.


Configuring a Report

When you give a report a name, it will be saved and be available in the drop-down list of report types.

Manufacturing Ops defines what operations will be displayed as the column headers on the report. You can either select:

  • All operations

  • % Progress

  • Selected Ops

When choosing Selected Ops, you can then define in the drop-down list below which manufacturing operations to include.


Locations defines which Planning Locations, or Work Centres in include on the report, so if you have multiple production lines performing the same manufacturing operations, you can use these filters to focus on specific production lines.

Planning Location - this filters out which orders will be displayed in the Planned column of the report

Location - this defines which Work Centres will be included for Work in Progress


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