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Configure an Omnify Connection

Go to Settings > Integrations > Omnify


Use Omnify - this defines when Omnify will be used for, and for which task.

At Sequence Start - a check will be done that the revision of the Tascus sequence matches the Omnify revision.

Base Url - the HTTP:// URL address for your instance of Omnify

Username & Password - used to login to Omnify

Once these settings have been configured, you can use the Open Test Panel button to test out communication to Omnify.

When you Login, the API will attempt to get an Auth token from the Omnify API, this will be valid for the duration of the test session.


Get One Item

This function calls the Omnify Api method GetOneItem, enter a Part Number to get item data back from Omnify.


Omnify Items Report

We have configured a Custom Report (Reports > Custom Report) to display the revision of Tascus sequences and the revision in Omnify.


To add this report, add (+) a new Custom Report, and name it Omnify Check Sequences, no other configuration is needed, then press the Tick OK icon.

Custom Report Report Types

Omnify Check Sequences - this report returns only items where the Tascus revision DOES NOT match the revision in Omnify

Omnify Check All Sequences - this report returns ALL Tascus sequences, their revision, and the Omnify revision.


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