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Scan Part Error Messages

Error messages that can occur during the Scan Part step are shown below with resolutions.

Error message



This message could mean you could have scanned the wrong: 

  • Part number 

  • Separator 


This message will arise when failing a Scan Part step. If this arises, use the details to ensure the correct Part number, Serial number, Barcode and Operation is in use before you continue.  


Incorrect Part Number

The first error message indicates that you have the incorrect Part Number. Check that you have scanned the correct part number, and check the seperator matches that configured in Settings > Start Options > Barcode Scanning. 

Also check that the position of the part number & serial number within the barcode matches the settings. 

Operation Not Completed

The second error message identifies that you have the correct Part Number. However, it is important to distinguish if the serial number, separator or operation is incorrect by checking the configuration and the error message. 


You can also change the data entry method of the Scan Part step to see what parts Tascus has saved that would be the correct part, serial and operations for completing this step. 

 To do this, within the Scan Part step of your sequence, change Data Entry Method into a Drop-down list which should populate all the matching parts that would be necessary to use within the operation sequence.  

Try to configure the Drop-down list and run it to establish the available options. 


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