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Release a Sequence

When you create a new Tascus sequence it is in Draft mode, and is editable.

Once you have finalised all the steps in the sequence, you can Release a sequence, which will make it Read - Only.

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View Sequence Revisions

User Permissions for Releasing

Ready for Release

Releasing a Sequence


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Follow these steps to release a sequence:

View Sequence Revisions

From the Sequence Editor, go to the menu Edit > Edit Sequence Revisions to open a window where you view all sequence revisions, and edit their Release status.


User Permissions for Releasing

There is a dedicated User Permission for releasing sequences (without the permission, an error message will be displayed).

To change this permission for users, go to Settings > Users > Permissions.


Once you have applied this permission, each user who has the Release Sequences permission applied will find their home screen has changed - Review Sequences is now on the home screen (they can still get to the sequence editor via = > Sequence Editor)

Note - if you are applying this permission for yourself, you will need to login again after changing the permission.

Flagging Sequences as Ready for Release

To make it easier to manage which sequence revisions should be released, Tascus includes a flag 'Ready for Release', which can be used on the Sequence Revision Editor to just view sequences that are 'Ready for Release'


Releasing Sequences

You can release sequences from Sequence Editor > Edit > Edit Sequences Revisions by selecting a sequence revision and pressing the 'Release' button.




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You can also release Routings for a part number.

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