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All Categories Training Beginners Guide to operating Tascus

Beginners Guide to operating Tascus

Welcome to our comprehensive 10-part guide to mastering Tascus, your essential software solution for optimizing operations. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this series offers articles and videos tailored to take you from novice to confident user. Learn the essentials, from navigating the home screen features to utilizing the sequence editor and creating sequence steps, both basic and advanced. Gain proficiency in part numbers, operations, routings, Operator start options and explore the breadth of available reports. Discover configuration and diagnostic options to customize Tascus to your needs. Join us on this journey to elevate your Tascus experience and maximize efficiency.

  1. Navigating Tascus Basics

  2. Navigating the Sequence Editor

  3. Basic understanding of Sequence Steps

  4. Advanced Sequence Steps

  5. Part Numbers, Operations and Routings

  6. Operator Start Options & Work Orders

  7. Operator Basics

  8. Tascus Settings

  9. Reports

  10. Configurations and Diagnostics

Navigating Tascus Basics

Learn to Navigate the basics of each feature available from Tascus Home. Including how to log in, starting an Operation, using the Sequence editor, loading Work Orders and the Menu Bar function

Navigating the Sequence Editor

In this guide we will expertly navigate you through every facet of the sequence editor, empowering you to effortlessly create and build your sequences. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery and mastery as we unveil the skills to creating dynamic sequences within Tascus.

Basic understanding of Sequence Steps

This training video will guide you through each of the Sequence Steps employed within Tascus. You'll learn how to configure them within a Sequence, all while gaining a foundational understanding of each step.

Advanced Sequence Steps

Delve into the advanced features of sequence steps, offering valuable insights into utilizing the more intricate aspects of sequences in your operations.

Part Numbers, Operations and Routings

This video serves as your comprehensive guide to mastering the creation, editing, and navigation of Part Numbers, Operations, and Routings within Tascus, illustrating how these elements seamlessly interconnect.

Operator Start Options & Work Orders

Let's explore the frequently utilized Start Options, including Part & Serial Number, Work Order, and Barcode Scan. Additionally, we'll delve into navigating the Work Orders Window to ensure a smooth workflow.

Operator Basics

Understand the Tascus Basics in this training video. Gain confidence as you effortlessly log in, initiate sequences, perform data entry, and adeptly handle any encountered failed actions.

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