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Pausing a Production Sequence

If the operator needs to pause a production sequence, they can choose from multiple options which will temporarily Suspend the production, whilst saving the data that has already been collected.

  1. Pausing a Production Sequence

  2. Configure Downtime Reasons

  3. Hold, Rework, Scrap and NCR Options

  4. Defect Option

Pausing a Production Sequence


Configure Downtime Reasons

The reasons can be configured within Tascus Settings > Downtime Reasons which offers multiple options to present during a production.



Hold, Rework, Scrap and NCR Options

There are many pause options to choose from such as Break, End of Shift, Meeting or Hold.


Defect Option

The Defect downtime reason is useful for Operators to record any issues in relation to the production run. The details are recorded and viewable within the Product Report.


Learn more about Defects including how to set it up within Tascus.

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