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Updates are downloaded from our ftp server, or from a local network drive.

Updates for a Tascus client can be set either from the Station Settings > Updates, or a system administrator can remotely set the update location.

Setting Updates Locally

Open Settings > Station, here you can confgure the update settings for each station.


Setting Updates Remotely

You can set the update location for multiple stations using Edit > Site Licenses.

Select multiple rows of the table, then hit the Set Update Location button, this opens a dialogue window where you can edit the update settings.

Once you click OK, this will be applied to all selected station.


Reverting to a Backup Version

You can manually restore Tascus client to a previous version with the following steps:

  1. Close Tascus

The Tascus program must be closed before you carry out the following process.

  1. Copy & Paste Backup Tascus Files

Open the Tascus application folder, this will either be in:

Program Files (x86) \ Tascus OR

Program Files (x86) \ Tascus Assembly Station

Then open the Backups folder:


Find the backup .zip file with today's date (format is yyyy-mm-dd) , then right-click Extract all.


Copy all files from the extracted folder, then move back to the Program Files (x86) \ Tascus folder.

Paste ALL of the copied files into the Program Files (x86) \ Tascus folder, replacing all files when prompted.


  1. Restart Tascus

You can restart Tascus without being prompted to download an update by double-clicking on Tascus Assembly Station.exe from within the Tascus folder - this skips the auto-update.


  1. [Optional] Disable Auto Updates

If you are disabling updates - only do this temporarily - report the issue to us to get this resolved asap.

Login to Tascus and open Settings and change the Updates behaviour to Disabled.


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