Software Installation

You can find the Tascus installers at this link:

Once you’re on the page, click on the grey box icon to download the Tascus installer.

Extract Files and Run the Installer

When the installer has finished downloading, you will find a zip file on your computer. Right click on this to extract all files in the installer.

  • Open the folder until you find Tascus Assembly Installer > Volume > setup.

  • Double click on setup to start the installer.

[Optional] Run a Silent Installer

To run the intaller with a User Intefrace, but without any prompts required from the user, run the installer from the command line with the following:

../setup.exe /qb /AcceptLicenses yes

Run Guided Installer

The installer will then guide you through the process of installing Tascus into your computer. Press Next at each prompt of the installer.

Accept license agreements at each prompt…

The installer will notify you of what files are being installed, press Next at this stage…

It will then update you with the installation progress…

When the installation is complete, you will be prompted with the option of Restarting your computer. You will need to Restart before you can use Tascus.


After your computer has restarted, you will find shortcuts for Tascus on the Start Menu and on the Desktop.

Database Connection

When Tascus runs the first time, you will need to set up the database connection. A Production Data Setup screen will open prompting you to do this.

Database Name – This is the database that we have created for you, refer to your startup email for name details, then enter your database name here.

You will only need to edit the following settings if you are using a local database installation:

Server – This is where the Tascus database is located, for Metis cloud databases, this address is

Use Windows Login – This defines whether to use a default Windows login or a username and password.

User Name – This is the user name to connect to the database. For Metis cloud databases, this should be metis.

Password – This is the SQL Server password to access your database.

Media Viewers

Displaying video and pdf work instructions requires some additional software. When Tascus starts, it will check if these are present on your computer.

If they are not found, the following windows will display:

To enable PDF’s or videos, follow the links to each website and download each application. Restart Tascus after installation is complete.

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