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Software Install

Silent Install

Connecting to the server

Media viewers

Software Installation

You can find the Tascus 2023 Installer at this link:



The installer will notify you of what files are being installed, press Next at this stage


It will then update you with the installation progress


Restart Tascus after installation is complete.

Silent Install

You can run a silent install to bypass all prompts by launching the installer from the command prompt, or using a batch file with the following:

Tascus_Installer_2023.exe /q /acceptlicenses yes

e.g. When the installer is located in C:\Installers\Tascus_Installer_2023.exe, the batch script looks like:

cd \

cd Installers

Tascus_Installer_2023.exe /q /acceptlicenses yes

Connecting to the Server

Ensure you are connected to the Database Settings> Data Storage


Media Viewers

Displaying video and pdf work instructions requires some additional software. When Tascus starts, it will check if these are present on your computer.

If they are not found, the following windows will display:

To enable PDF’s or videos, follow the links to each website and download each application.

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