Simple Rework Logic with the If Or Step

The If-Or step can be used in combination with numeric measurements or calculations and preconditions to create custom rework logic.

This simple example sequence shows how it can be done.

Sequence Overview


  1. Manual Measure – will measure a length in the range 0-100mm

  2. If-Or step with a condition applied so it will run in both Pass and Fail conditions

  3. Work Instruction displayed for Rework

  4. Work Instruction displayed when no Rework needed

Manual Measure Step Details

Measure will have limits of 0-100mm applied, these will be recorded in the results report


If Or Rework Step

Pre Conditions are set to run if Step Results = Pass OR Step Results = Fail

This means that the Fail pop-up will be overridden if the step fails, and if the step passes, the If-Or logic will still run.


If-Or logic

If the measurement is outside the range 25-75, it will go to Step 3, to display the Rework work instruction.

If the measurement is in-range, will go straight to Step 4, skipping the rework instruction.

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