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All Categories FAQ Reverting to a backup

Reverting to a backup

If you need to revert to a backup copy of the Tascus application, do the following steps:

Open the Tascus folder

Right-click on the Tascus icon on the desktop or Start menu, and select Open File Location


The Tascus folder should in the following location:


Find a Backup & Extract It

Open the Backups folder, this will contain zip's of previous versions of Tascus before updates were applied.

image.pngFind the date of the backup you require, right click and select Extract All...

Delete all existing Tascus files

Go back to the Tascus folder, and delete all files (excluding the Backups folder)


Replace with the backup Tascus files

Copy the files from the extracted backup folder


Then paste into the Tascus folder.


This should leave you with a restored older version of Tascus.


Restart Tascus

You can now restart Tascus, ensure that if prompted, you do not accept any updates.

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