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Making a Database Backup

We may ask for a backup of the Tascus database to aid remote support - use the following steps to make a complete database backup that we can restore.

Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), connect to the server and expand Databases.

Right-click on the Tascus database, and choose Tasks > Backup...

A dialog window will open.


On the first window of the dialogue

General options

  • Make sure the database you want to back up is selected as the Source database.

  • Make sure the Backup Type is "Full"

  • Check on "Copy Only Backup"

  • Make sure backup component is set to "Database"

  • At the bottom of the window: if there are any existing entries in the "Destination" list, remove them.

  • Click "Add" to add a new backup file.

If the database is in a single file, at this point, you can select OK to create the backup.

Database split over multiple files

When a large database is split over multiple files, we may get the following error when restoring it.


This happens if, when you made the backup, you had multiple files listed in the backup destination textbox. Go back to your source server and create the backup again; this time, make sure there's only one destination file listed.

If you had more than one file listed as the backup destination, the backup is striped across them; you'll need all the files to perform the restore.

If the database is split across multiple files, you will need to follow the remaining instructions and run a SQL script.

Media Options

Select the Media Options tab next,


Under "Overwrite Media", select "Back up to a new media set, and erase all existing backup sets".

Yes, this sounds scary - however, this is primarily used to reinitialize a backup tape so any old data is erased; as long as you're writing to a new file name, everything should be fine.

Enter a new for the media set - something like " - one-time backup" is sufficient.

You can set some of the options under "Reliability"; I'd just leave them all off.

Backup options


You can accept the default for "Set backup compression" as well; I'd probably set it to "Compress backup", but that's not critical. (If you're not running SQL Server 2008 or later, then this is either not there at all, or not relevant).

Create script

DO NOT click "OK", instead, "Script" at the top of the dialog window, and choose "Script Action to New Query Window".

Backup.pngOnce you can see the script, click "Cancel".

Check script

Double-check the script - there should only be one file included in it.


Example script:


TO DISK = N'Backup path'


NAME = N'Tascus_Name-Full Database Backup', SKIP, NOREWIND, NOUNLOAD, STATS = 10


Now, run the script to create a backup

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