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Electric Nutrunners

Use the Devices > Tighten menus to configure nutrunner tools connected to a station, or you can configure your station to simulate a tool.


In this screen, you can select whether the station is connected to a tool using IO or an Ethernet Open Protocol method.


Ethernet Open Protocol setup:


Configuring Psets

It is recommended to use a standard list of Psets across all controllers so that when you create a Tascus sequence, the same Pset will be selected, no matter which production station or tool is used.


Use the Tighten > Diagnostics menu once you have configured the tool, to have full manual control and to confirm communications.


Simulating a Tool

For setting up a sequence without a tool, select Settings > Station > Simulated Mode


This will mean when a sequence runs, Tascus will simulate a tool running and successfully completing a tightening sequence.

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