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Add a Tighten step to the list, selecting the image to be used for the work instruction, and selecting the Torque Cycle (Pset on the torque controller) to use.

When the Tascus sequence runs on the production work station, it will use the torque controller that has been configured on that station

Tightening sequence:

  • Select Pset

  • Enable Tool

  • Wait for Tool Running Signal

  • Get results from he controller (Pass / Fail + Torque & Angle if available)

  • Displays Pass / Fail result on the screen


Use the Preview button to position a cursor over the location to be tightened:


The cursor will change colour depending on the state of the tool:

  • Red = Cycle failed or not started

  • Orange = Tool running

  • Green = Cycle completed & Passed

You can configure station settings for Electronic Nutrunners under the Diagnostics > Tighten menus.

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