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Tascus licenses are assigned to each device used to run production sequences (i.e. run sequences and store results for production).

We set a limit for the total number of licenses permitted for each site, you can then manage which devices use those licenses within your site.

  1. Activating a License

  2. License Types

  3. License Permissions

  4. Viewing & Editing Site License Usage

  5. License Usage

  6. Update Device License Status

  7. Delete a Device

  8. Update Site Licenses

Activating a License

When Tascus starts, if that device is Unlicensed, the following window will be displayed:

License Types

Use the drop-down menu to select which license type to use. The following table explains the functionality each license type enables:


License Type


View Reports

Edit Sequences

Run Production
Sequences &
Store Results












License Permissions

License Permissions for Each Tascus License Type

Each site that uses Tascus has a limited number of Production licenses permitted for use under the license agreement. The number of remaining Production licenses will be displayed under the license selection box.

To optimise your usage of production licenses, ensure that only devices that are actually used to build products use a Production license.

All other devices that use Tascus should use either a Viewer or Editor license.


Viewing & Editing Site License Usage

You can view each device that is using Tascus across your site and what license has been assigned.

When logged into Tascus as an Admin, you can view license usage from the Edit > Site Licenses menu.

This opens up a screen which lists all the devices (PC’s and Tablets) that have been connected to your site Tascus server.

You can use this editor to:

License Usage

The top right-hand corner of this window shows the number of licenses used and permitted across the site.

Update Device License Status

By clicking on a device in the list, you can set that devices license to Viewer, Editor or Production. This will avoid the Unlicensed window appearing when the user next starts Tascus.

Additionally, you can revoke a license by setting that device to Unlicensed.

Each time you update the license status, Tascus will calculate the total licenses used across the site to ensure the site remains within the usage limits.

Delete a Device

If a device is no longer used, you can select it in the list, then press Delete. This will remove any licenses associated with that device.

Update Site Licenses

An updated license file for xx licenses, you can import this from the Site Licenses on Tascus. 



Site licenses have been updated now.


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