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Warehouse Pick List

The Warehouse Pick List report show all of the Parts Requests that operators have submitted whilst using Tascus in production.

Use this dashboard as a pick list for delivering requested items to areas and individuals within the factory.

You can view the report from the menu Reports > Warehouse Picking List, or by adding it to one of the reports dashboard buttons:

PickList1.pngViewing Open Picks

You can filter out the type of part requests you want to see using the drop down menu at the top of the report.

PickList3.pngThe report will display picks, and use colours to highlight urgent picks.

PickList5.pngRed - Urgent Pick

Yellow - Normal Pick

Green - In Progress Pick

Working on a Pick

Double-click on an item in the report to work on a pick. This opens up a form, where you can update which stage the pick is currently at.

PickList4.pngEach time you update the status of the pick - the operator who requested the pick will be updated, and the dashboard will be updated.

Configuring the Dashboard

If you are displaying the Warehouse Pick List on a large display screen, you can use an auto-refresh setting, so that the report continually updates.


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