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Display Work Instruction

Display Work Instruction will display a media file and a list of materials, tooling, health & safety and reference documents to a production operator.


In the sequence editor, it looks like this:


Media -Use this area of the editor to define which images, videos of PDFs to display visual work instructions to the operator.

Optimum Image Resolutions

Aspect ratio

Monitor Resolution

Image Resolution

1920 x 1080

1358 x 676

Video Requirements

To play videos as a work instruction, VLC media player must be installed on the device used to run the Tascus production sequence. You can download VLC media player here. Or you can find a download link in Tascus > Settings > Station.

Path – This specifies the path to the media file to display. This can be a jpeg, png, HTML, PDF or MPEG video.

Page – This is used when displaying PDF’s, this specifies which page of the PDF to display.

Edit – This opens up an image editor window which you can use to combine multiple images and markup existing images.

Text Instructions – Instructions are displayed on the right-hand side of the screen in a table format for operators.

Category – Allows you to select which group to display the work instruction information. Categories include:

  • Materials

  • Operations

  • Health & Safety

  • Reference Documents

Pre Conditions – This allows you to conditionally display a material, operation work instruction line based on product properties.

Symbol – Allows you to define a symbol to display next to the line of the work instruction.

Options for Displaying Text Work Instructions – A good option for displaying simple text instructions is the Operator Message field of the sequence editor. This text message will be displayed in the bottom status bar.

However for longer text instructions, or when more text formatting is required, it is best to leave the Operator Message field blank and use the Edit button to build formatted text instructions within the Display Work Instruction step.

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