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Scan Part

Scan Part enables you to record component part numbers using a barcode or keyboard input, it also allows you to check if the operator has selected the correct component, and if this has already been used in production.

In the sequence editor, it looks like this:




Barcode To Match – If this field contains a value, the step will only Pass if it finds a match in the value entered by the operator. If it is empty, the step will simply record whatever value the operator enters.

Quantity To Scan – This enables you to specify multiple components to be scanned in one step.

Query Database for Passed Operation – This can be used with subassemblies built using Tascus to check that an operation has been completed.

Operation To Match – If the above option is used, this specifies which operation to search for.

Check for Unique Part – This is an additional check on subassembly builds to ensure that a component is not scanned more than once.

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