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Starting a Production Sequence

This explains how operators will start working on a job

In this article we'll explore efficient manufacturing initiation methods, such as Works Order, Barcode, and Part & Serial Number starts. We'll also discuss selecting the right operation and advanced start options for improved productivity.

  1. Start Options Overview

  2. Start by Works Order

  3. Start by Barcode

  4. Start by Part & Serial Number

  5. Selecting a Manufacturing Operation

  6. Advanced Start Options

Start Options Overview

To run a production sequence, press the Start Production button on the home screen dashboard.


Workstations can be configured with different methods to start production, you change this method with Settings > Start Options.


Start by Works Order


Operators can either be limited to choosing a single works order only, or multiple orders. For selecting multiple orders, selection by Buttons must be used.


When using work orders, and splitting an order into multiple serial numbers, refer to this article of how to configure Tascus to generate serial numbers.


If you have a station set up as a Works order and need an alternative method to start by Barcode, this is possible using the Switch Input method configured within settings.



Start by Barcode Scan


Note - setup the barcode scanner to append a <Tab> character after entry, then Tascus will automatically accept and process the barcode scan.


Start by Part & Serial Number


Selecting a Manufacturing Operation

You then need to select which production operation to run.


You can configure the start screen to allow operators to select which manufacturing operation they want to perform, or a workstation can be configured to automatically select a manufacturing operation.

Settings > Station Setup > Station


Advanced Start Options


By default, all Incomplete or Failed steps will be selected to run, you can optionally check or uncheck the steps you want to run.

Then press ‘Start’ to begin the production sequence.

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