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Starting a Production Sequence

To run a production sequence, press the RUN PRODUCTION SEQUENCE  button in the centre of the screen.

This will open up the part details pop up screen (see below).


Enter Part Details

When the part details pop up opens if you are using a Part Number and Serial data entry method (configured in Settings) the window will prompt you to select a Product and Serial number.

You then need to select which production operation to run. In this case, the only option is Full Production – so press that button. When products are set up with multiple production operations, you can select which operation to complete.

If your station is configured to start with product barcodes, you will be prompted to scan a product barcode, then select the production operation.

Press OK after selecting the correct production operations, this will take you to the Process List screen.


Select Production Steps & Start

After entering part details, the software will check in the production database and load up the production sequence. It will check if any operations have already been completed and show their results.

By default, all Incomplete or Failed steps will be selected to run, you can optionally check or uncheck the steps you want to run.

Then press ‘Start’ to begin the production sequence.

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