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Starting a Production Sequence

This explains how operators will start working on a job

To run a production sequence, press the Start Production button on the home screen dashboard.


This will open a pop-up screen where the operator can select what to work on.

Options for Starting Production

Workstations can be configured with different methods to start production, you change this method with Settings > Start Options.


Start Method


Work Order

Select a work / manufacturing order - this can be from a drop down menu, or a series of buttons.

The works order can be for a single item (quantity =1), or a multiple items.

In multiple item mode, the items can be handled as a batch, and processed together.

Or the works order can be used to generate serial numbers for each item within the works order.

When Tascus automatically generates a serial number from a works order selection, most clients use a label printer at this work station, to generate a label with the part number & serial number in a barcode - so that subsequent work stations start with a barcode scan.

Barcode Scan

The operator is prompted to scan a barcode to start production.

Note - you must define the format of the barcode within Tascus settings.

Part & Serial Number

Operators select Part Numbers from a drop down list, and can either select a Serial Number from a drop down, or type in a new serial number.


Works Order

When starting by Works Order, operators can select orders either by pressing a button, or from a drop down menu (you can change this setting on Settings > Start Options > Works Orders.

Additionally, operators can either be limited to choosing a single works order only, or multiple orders.

For selecting multiple orders, selection by Buttons must be used.


When selecting an order by Drop Down list, the operator clicks on the down arrow to show all available works orders for the current workstation.


Barcode Scan

When starting with a barcode scan, the operator is prompted to scan within the text box on the screen.

Note - setup the barcode scanner to append a <Tab> character after entry, then Tascus will automatically accept and process the barcode scan.


When starting by Barcode scan, you configure the barcode format within Settings > Start Options > Barcode Scanning.


Part Number & Serial

When the part details pop-up opens if you are using a Part Number and Serial data entry method (configured in Settings) the window will prompt you to select a Product and Serial number.


You then need to select which production operation to run. In this case, the only option is Full Production – so press that button. When products are set up with multiple production operations, you can select which operation to complete.

Changing Production Starting Method

The operator can quickly change between the currently selected start method and barcode scanning,. by clicking on the barcode scanner icon



Selecting Manufacturing Operations

You can configure the start screen to allow operators to select which manufacturing operation they want to perform, or a workstation can be configured to automatically select a manufacturing operation.

Settings > Station Setup > Station


When Station Operation is set to None, the operator makes the selection of which manufacturing operation to run.


When Station Operation is set to a specific manufacturing operation, the operator is not prompted to select an operation, this is made automatically.


Select Production Steps & Start

There are two options after an operator has selected which item to work on, they can:

  1. Go straight to the first work instruction in the production sequence,

  2. Or, they can be shown a list of all steps in the sequence, including any results of partially completed steps.

This is controlled by the workstation setting Fast Start Sequences.


When Fast Start Sequences is On

The operator goes straight to the first step in the production sequence, and starts immediately.

When Fast Start Sequences if Off

After entering part details, the software will check in the production database and load up the production sequence. It will check if any operations have already been completed and show their results.


By default, all Incomplete or Failed steps will be selected to run, you can optionally check or uncheck the steps you want to run.

Then press ‘Start’ to begin the production sequence.

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