Parts List

In Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Part Numbers play a crucial role, linking products to specific operations and routings as defined in the Parts List. This overview covers the creation and editing of Part Numbers, alongside key tabs like Targets, Reports, Labels, Batch & Serial Numbers, Rework, Routings, and Custom Fields, each integral to effective production management and tracking.

  1. Parts List Overview

  2. Create or Edit Part Numbers

  3. Targets Tab

  4. Reports Tab

  5. Labels Tab

  6. Batch & Serial No Tab

  7. Rework Tab

  8. Routings Tab

  9. Custom Fields Tab

Parts List Overview


Create or Edit Part Numbers

Locate, create or configure existing Products within the Parts List


Easily create or edit Part Numbers


Targets Tab

Targets enable set times during production which is displayed to the Operator.


Reports Tab

Reports allow you to configure a Report Type based on a Part and Serial Number.



Labels Tab

Labels will configure a template to a particular Part Number, you can also Print a test label in this tab. For more on Creating a Label click here or to set up Label printers and for label templates click here.


Batch & Serial No Tab

Use the Batch & Serial Numbers tab to either reset the serial number value or to edit the Serial Number format.


Rework Tab

Configure a sequence to use as Rework for any Product in the list.


Routings Tab


Custom Fields Tab


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