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Setting up a Zebra Label Printer involves configuring the printer, printing test labels, and creating templates for production items, including basic and 2D barcode formats. The guide also covers using lookup fields and ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) formatting, essential for effective production and inventory management.

In this article:

  1. Setting up a Zebra Label Printer

  2. Printing a Test Label

  3. Creating Labels for Production Items

  4. Lookup Fields to Use in Label Templates

  5. Basic Example Label Template

  6. 2D Barcode Label Template

  7. ZPL Formatting for Label Templates

  8. Related FAQs

Zebra Label Printer Setup

Easily connect your device to the Zebra Printer.

Tascus supports USB Zebra printer models:

  • GK420

  • ZD420

  • ZD421T


It is not required to Add Device as the Zebra Printer will connect via the USB Port



Check the connection of the printer through the Device Manager


There are two methods used to set up your Zebra Printer, Zebra DII or Notepad (Text Only)

Zebra ZII




Notepad (Text Only Printer)

The Notepad method requires configuration and installations to set up.


Use the following link to download the Zebra Printer Setup Utilities:


Start the installation and follow the Wizard steps to complete setup.


Once the install is complete, print a test label.


Ensure you add a new device, this will ensure the printer is connected and works correctly when using Tascus


When adding a printer, follow the steps accordingly.



Now, you should be able to easily print a label through Notepad



Create a Test Label

Once connected, print a test label to confirm the connection using Tascus Parts List


Creating Labels for Production Items

To create a label for a production item, you will need to add a Create Label step to a production sequence at the appropriate point.

For most , this is in the first manufacturing operation, once the operator has started production by selecting a works / production / manufacturing order.

Here is an example of how that work flow looks:


Lookup Fields to Use in Label Templates

Use any of these fields in the Parts List label template, and Tascus will replace the short code with data from the item that is currently in production.

Tascus Short Code



Part Number


Serial Number


Works / Production / Manufacturing Order Number


Username of the logged in user when the label is created


Planning Location the Order has been assigned to




Customer Name


Quantity assigned to the order


Year in format XXXX


Day of the year in format XXX


Date in format DD/MM/YY


Time the label is printed in format HH:MM

Example Label Template

Basic ZPL code for a ZD420 printer with just the Serial Number, Part Number & Date:









Adding a 2D Barcode / QR CODE to a Label

Use the following code to add a barcode to a label that contains Part Number, Serial Number and Date with a : colon seperator.


Example with a barcode:










ZPL Formatting for Label Templates

^LH - sets the label home position. The default home position of a label is the upper-left corner (position 0,0 along the x and y axis).

^CW - Font Identifier All built-in fonts are referenced using a one-character identifier. The ^CW command assigns a single alphanumeric character to a font

^CF - sets the default font used in your printer.

^CFA - set the font size in pixels Format:


h = individual character height (in dots) (0-32000)

w = individual character width (in dots) (0-32000)

^FO - sets a field origin, relative to the label home (^LH) position. ^FO sets the upper-left corner of the field area by defining points along the x-axis and y-axis independent of the rotation. Format: ^FOx,y,z

^FT - field position, relative to the home position of the label designated by the ^LH command.

^FS - denotes the end of the field definition.

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